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What is Balletic?

Balletic is a generative art animation created by digital artist Owen McAteer.
In this piece, a grid of rotating blocks that move together in a mathematically choreographed dance to reveal hidden patterns, shapes and flowing figures.

Exploring soft fluid motion in a hard fixed grid of blocks to a two-tone minimalist design, the piece comes to life in dance, conducted by the combination of several algorithms, easing curves and timing modifiers all working together.


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Pressing some keys can interact with the animation.

s = Download still image
p = Pause
i = Invert
c = Unleash chaos


Designed to a 16:9 aspect ratio and fully responsive, this piece is perfect to display on any widescreen TV, monitor, projector or even desktop digital frame.

Balletic example on TV Balletic example on Projector

In this project I explore and relieve the hidden beauty of mathematics and algorithms in a synchronized ballet. The piece create soft organic timed patterns and flow in a dance of the hard ridged blocks that make up the dancers.

This piece shows hidden figures in the empty space between and behind the moving blocks. Whether still or moving they show something. Something that can only been seen from a space of emptiness.

Mathematically choreographed dance

About the artist

Owen McAteer (aka.Motus Art) is a generative artist and animator, who uses code to create unique pieces of animated digital art. With a minimalist style, his work focuses on movement and flow to discover the hidden beauty in numbers.

Owen has had his work shown in exhibitions and galleries around the world including New York, Woodstock GA, Madrid and Germany.

Going by the alias Motus Art, from the Latin ‘Motus’ meaning movement & motion, he makes use of recursion, patterns and mathematics to create visual art.

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